Say Cheese!

Join us as we celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day April 12th.

According to food historians, various societies have paired bread with cheese for centuries. Even ancient Roman cookbooks advised combining bread and cheese at mealtimes. Cooking bread and cheese together, however, is a more recent phenomenon. Although no one can pinpoint the precise origin of grilled cheese, the sandwich became very popular in the 1920s. That’s when scholars speculate some enterprising individual came up with the idea to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but the idea quickly spread commercially as well as in the home.


With the huge increase in restaurant dining in the 1920s, inexpensive loaves of bread and processed cheese acted as a catalyst for public consumption of grilled cheese. In fact, by the time the Great Depression struck, grilled cheese sandwiches were a staple of the American diet. In its earliest form, a grilled cheese sandwich was made open faced with grated American cheese. Popular toppings included tomatoes, eggs, pineapple, and bacon. Eventually, people began closing the sandwich with a second piece of bread – mainly to make the meal a more filling one.


During World War II, the grilled cheese sandwich was a particular favorite of the Allied Armed Forces. Therefore, it wasn’t long before school cafeterias and households made grilled cheese a regular part of their meal planning.


Soho Diner’s Chef Ken Addington spins a modern twist on this quality classic by blending Teleggio, Fontina and Cheddar inside perfectly browned sourdough bread. Roasted tomatoes, parmesan in the crust, dijon mustard, and parmesan mayo round out this perfect way to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day. Add a cup of tomato soup for dipping or some thick-cut bacon for some bonus flavor!


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