Pump Up The Volume

Late-Nite Tunes To Get You Back In The New York Groove

Bringing our all-vinyl jukebox home with you is not an option, so we’ve come up with the next best thing – the Soho Diner Late playlist on Spotify. Think 45s, comfort food & tons of fun.




Music and memories go hand in hand and most memories are associated with a song or soundtrack. The 70s and 80s were a magical time for music and New York City nightlife was jam-packed with tunes. Diner table jukeboxes were where original playlists were made. Patrons would curate playlists with their meals all the time. From Prince to The Clash, everyone at the table heard from their favorite artist. And if the burger and fries you ordered were amazing, whatever song was playing at the time will remind you of that meal every time. 



A night in the club was always followed by a nightcap and food run. After dancing the night away to Blondie’s Rapture, popping into the local diner was an added memory for the evening. A vivid New York memory is always accompanied by a song or 2 to remind you of that epic night. Late-night food run soundtracks were almost as poppin’ as the club tunes. Imagine walking into a restaurant spinning I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan or Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. You are guaranteed to cut a rug before being seated and placing your order.



Just push play on the Soho Diner Late playlist to get into the late-nite groove 24-7.