Blue Plate Specials

Catch Soho Diner's modern twist on this quality classic.

Serving up modern twists on quality classics is a Soho Diner specialty. And now, we’re bringing back the Blue Plate Special–so sit and eat, you’re in for a treat.


Thursday thru Monday nights, Chef Ken has prepared the perfect meals that harken back to a time between the 1920s and 1950s when hungry diners could grab a fast and fulfilling meal with some of their hard-earned dollars.


-Thursdays: Breakfast for Dinner with a buttermilk pancake stack, sunny-side-up egg, and sausage


-Fridays: Chicken and waffles with maple, Calabrian chili and butter


-Saturdays: Red wine braised short ribs-with herbed polenta and roasted baby carrots


-Sundays: Family style spaghetti dinner with meatball ragu, green salad, brocollini and garlic bread


Mondays: Fish & chips-beer battered cod, crushed green peas, fries, and preserved lemon remoulade


But wait–If the plate isn’t blue, is it still a Blue Plate Special? The short answer is, YES. Apparently, this dining tradition was named for the color of the plate (blue) on which a typical meal of a protein (bet you’re thinking something beefy), along with vegetables or other side dishes (think mashed potatoes), was served at a value. Rumor has it that the tradition started as a seamless way to feed hundreds of hungry workers during the Great Depression, or maybe in the 1920’s as a restaurant promotion, or as far back as the 1890s as an expeditious way serve railway travelers between quick stops. However it began, Soho Diner is continuing this time-honored tradition and cooking up a great day for all who pass thru our doors.